The Berwyn Mountains UFO - January 1974

In the dark days of the mid-1970s a strange event occurred in North Wales that may well have involved one ot more UFOs. Whilst the sceptics have brushed it all off as an earth tremor and meteorite falling to earth around the same time there are still those who believe something else was going on.

Strange lights were seen on the Berwyn Mountain range in North Wales. Other reports of odd lights in the sky came from across the whole region and even as far north as Sunderland. There appears to have been military activity just off the Welsh coastline in the Irish Sea. Prior to the incident northern England had been struck by multiple sightings of "phantom helicopters" which all but ended once the events of 23rd January 1974 in the Berwyn area were over.

Some researchers claim that British Army roadblocks were put in place to seal off the mountain area. There is even speculation that a UFO crashed and alien bodies were taken to Porton Down by special forces.

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